In 1989, the CIVB set up the Bordeaux Wine School. For almost 20 years, it has been one of the mainstays of the promotion strategy for Bordeaux wines thanks to the wide variety of training sessions and courses it runs.
The range of activities provided by the Bordeaux Wine School is aimed to appeal to wine enthusiast-consumers and to journalists, as well as to distribution and sales professionals, in France and abroad.
The Bordeaux Wine School now offers:
- 2 hour workshop aimed for enthusiast-consumers and accessible for most of people with a ludic and practical education
- Courses aimed for the distribution, schools and wine educators
- Specific tools for the wine educators

Interest shown in the Bordeaux Wine Council’s Wine School by the public and wine professions has led to the development of partnerships with schools that have a high reputation for their wine courses and with wine educators in other countries.
Thus the Bordeaux Wine School leans on an international network of wine educators and accredited schools.